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Marital Misconduct

St. Louis Lawyer

Marital misconduct, formerly grounds for divorce, may be described any behavior that that contributes to the breakdown of the marital relationship. Economic fault, alcoholism, adultery, and domestic violence or abusive behaviors are all actions that may be considered marital misconduct.

Although fault does not need to be determined to be granted your dissolution, the conduct of spouses during a marriage can be a factor considered by the court when dividing property or determining alimony. These factors are considered not to punish the offender, but to compensate the spouse for extra burdens that may have been assumed during the marriage. When applicable, marital misconduct may also influence child custody or parenting time.

If you have been subject to or accused of marital misconduct, it is helpful to have an experienced St. Louis lawyer by your side who can properly protect your interests. The added complexity of allegations of marital misconduct should be addressed immediately, as it can affect property division and spousal support, thus impacting your financial future in many ways.

To discuss marital misconduct and how it may impact your divorce, call Cavanagh & Associates at (314) 309-2799. We can offer experienced insight.

Proving Marital Misconduct in a Divorce (Dissolution of Marriage)

For a claim of marital misconduct to influence divorce proceedings, it must be properly proven. St. Louis attorney Jack Cavanagh has experience in this regard, and we often involve investigators and expert witnesses to gather or challenge proof of adultery, economic fault, or other forms of marital misconduct in a client’s divorce.

Some of the types of marital misconduct cases we handle may include:

  • Adultery
  • Emotional, sexual, or physical abuse
  • Domestic violence
  • Economic misconduct (gambling, excessive spending)
  • Alcoholism or drug addiction
  • Abandonment

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At Cavanagh & Associates, we work to pursue your interests and ensure a smooth process while preparing you for the future. When you are going through a complex legal situation involving your family, reach out to St. Louis lawyer Jack Cavanagh. You have the benefit of his experience and legal knowledge along with his and our entire team’s commitment to pursuing the best possible outcome on your behalf. Marital misconduct is a serious matter, and we recognize this. We will diligently apply ourselves to proving or disproving such allegations to your benefit in your divorce.

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