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Spousal support, also known as spousal maintenance or alimony, is a monthly payment from one spouse to another to cover living expenses and maintain the standard of living for both spouses. If you need a St. Louis spousal support attorney, call Cavanagh & Associates. We cater our legal strategies to the specific circumstances of each client.

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When Spousal Support Is Awardedgavel striking money

In Missouri, spousal support is awarded at the discretion of the court. Although alimony is not required or guaranteed, spouses are entitled to seek support. Support is most likely to be awarded when one spouse is financially able to provide support and the other is unable to maintain reasonable living expenses. The purpose is to ensure that each spouse is able to maintain their standard of living after the divorce.

Who Qualifies for Alimony in Missouri?

When two partiesdivorce in Missouri, one person may be required to make spousal support payments to their previous spouse. Every situation is different, but you may be asking yourself, “Do I qualify for spousal support?’ Whether you qualify for spousal support payments depends on the following two conditions:

  • If you lack sufficient property, including marital property, to take care of your reasonable needs, and

  • If you are unable to be financially independent through an appropriate job, or if your child has needs that make it impossible for you to work outside of your home.

It is important to remember that alimony awards are gender-neutral, which means that either you or your spouse can request it regardless of gender.

What Are the Types of Spousal Support?

The judge can award different types of spousal support, including:

  • Open Ended Support – Payments continue until the recipient marries or either party dies.
  • Limited Duration Support – Spousal support is awarded for a specific time period.
  • Contractual Support – This type of support is not ordered by a judge. The payment amounts and duration of spousal support is agreed upon between parties.

When determining the type and amount of spousal support, the courts consider a range of factors, including the age of both parties, financial resources, duration of the marriage, conduct during the marriage, earning capacity, and other factors. This information is used by the court to determine the ability of the spouse seeking maintenance to provide for reasonable living needs.

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Cavanagh & Associates will put forward the strongest case for or against an alimony award, depending on your situation. We cater our strategy to the unique circumstances of each client. Our St. Louis spousal support lawyer will assess your situation, explain your options, and recommend the course of action that is in your best interests.

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